Download Free Fire Game For PC on Laptop, Mac, Windows 7/8/10

Download Now the Latest Free Fire For PC game for your Desktop and PC Laptop. Free Fire Game Download for PC supports all windows and operating systems. In our detailed guide, we will escort on how you can install and download free fire for Pc. This is an interesting game that involves a lot of characters and remote islands. You will have the choice of choosing the starting point from this game. The start will be interesting, and you can gain shooting skills from this game as well. Without any delay, let’s get to know more about Free Fire Game Download for PC!

Free Fire Download for PC Shooters Game is perfect for gamers who want to play with other players worldwide. The game is published by the international g arena limited. You will have the Bluestacks and other methods to download it on the PC. Likewise, this game will provide quite an immersive gaming experience. The Free Fire Download for PC involves 50 players, and you can play with your friends as well. This game will provide you with several modes, and it has quite similar features as the clash squad, battle royale, PUBG, and much more.

This amazing game comes with a wide range of characters, and you will find the unique skills in this game for shooting. Plus, the game will include all kinds of players, from beginners to experts. You will have various customization options. Plus, you will have the weapons, skins, and various other alterations in the behavior. Best of all, the game has bright graphics and an amazing landscape view for engaging the new players as well.

Download Free Fire For PC .exe With & Without Bluestacks

This game is quite popular among shooter gamers. It comes with the best specs and realistic characters. For instance, you will get the perfect alternative to PUBG. This game has a lot of fan following. We have noticed that the game has more downloads after PUBG got banned in India. In fact, it is the most downloaded game in 2020. Also, you will have several players using the game to pass their leisure time with the other players.

Garena Free Fire for PC Download

Moreover, you have to aim to land in a safe zone at first to survive for a long time. However, the latest episode of this game will include the high tide feature. You will have the knowledge to collect the gems and diamonds easily. In fact, the new version of the game has a new character in it.

You can easily join the new clan for free, and it will provide the freshest heroes that will enhance the gaming time. Surely, you will be addicted to playing this game. Hopefully, now you can download the game easily in your system. Your other queries about this game are welcome in the comment section below.

Free Fire Download for PC Without Bluestacks

This Free Fire Game Download for PC is a Shooter game and it is entirely free to download on the laptop, windows, pc, android, and iOS devices. Also, you will have access to download and install this shooting game from the app or Play Store. However, you will have the simplest method to install the game in your system now. We will provide you with the links that you can use to install the game in your windows or MAC operating system.

You will also find a way to Download the Free Fire Game for the PC, Laptop of MAC, and windows by using the emulator. So stay tuned! for now, we are providing direct download for Free Fire for PC. Download the PC version of Free Fire for Laptop, MAC, and Windows by using the Emulator.

Application Details

Update30 March 2019
Current Version1.30.0
Supported OSPC, Laptop, Windows

How To Install On Windows?

This is the link that you can use to download Free Fire on your PC for free. Also, you will have the latest specs and the most enjoyable playing time. This link is only for windows 7, 8, 10, and 8.1 users.

How To Install On MAC?

Are you a MAC user? No worries, you will have a link that will work as a direct source to install Free Fire Download for PC on your device. Best of all, you will have the most enjoyable user experience and faster refresh rate on the PC.

Download & Install Free Fire For PC With Emulator

You can instantly download and install Free Fire Download for PC online with Bluestacks easily. Best of all, you will have an emulator that will provide the best features with the game. Also, you will have a wide variety of features, including the best option on how to stay on edge in the shooting battle. Plus, you will have the keymapping tool that will let you control the game easily. Plus, you will have enjoyable controls, and it will provide simplistic controls while you will be using the keyboard and mouse for the controls.

And the best part? This emulator will provide the best recording feature for the screen. Also, you can capture the best moments. You will have the Bluestacks as one of the best options for playing on any occasion. The enjoyment level will be even more amazing, and you will have smart controls as well. For instance, you will get simple and automatic controls. On the other side, you will get the simplest option to unlock the features of Free Fire Game Download for PC. The blue stacks will provide the best suggestions whether you are fighting or running. Besides that, you will get a navigating menu, and it will provide a dynamic switch as well. With the switch, you don’t need to control all the movements manually.

Besides, you will have more chances to win after downloading the Free Fire Download for PC with Bluestacks. Below are the steps that you can follow to get this emulator in your system right now. So let’s start!

Steps To Download The Emulator

  • You can download emulator Bluestacks from the Original Website of PC and MAC.
  • The Bluestacks setup will appear on the desktop, and you will have the most uncomplicated method to install it on your MAC or windows device.
  • You have to go to open the google play store to install the emulator.
  • Once the setup of Bluestacks is complete, you have to add your google account details over there. By adding the details, you will have multiplayer gaming options.
  • You have to search for the game in the top corner.
  • Now download the emulator on the screen for your windows or MAC operating system.
  • You have to start the game by using the Bluestacks emulator.
  • Now you can log in by entering your account details.
  • You will have the simplest option to set the controls for the game.

Features of Free Fire PC Download

You will have several incredible specs in the Free Fire Game after downloading it through our method. For instance, the game will be even more interesting when you have other features with it.

  • Rapid And Accurate Controller Support: The game involves a lot of shooting. Hence, the players should know how to protect themselves and enhance their shooting skills. The game will surely enhance your aiming skill. This FPS game will be providing your two-engine system. Moreover, you will get the two engine systems that will be supporting the system, and you can easily customize the designs as per your choice. The optimization in the game is possible by the keyboard and mouse.
  • Best Graphics And Vision With The 2 K Support: To establish the most immersive game environment, you will have several latest effects. Surely, the version that you will download with and without an emulator from here will provide improved graphics quality for the game. The free fire for pc APK download game will provide you with the most amazing map, and you will have even more fun while playing it on the larger screen.
  • Low Equipment Requirement: The game will require very little space, and there is 2 GB RAM. For instance, you will have a great amount of flexibility. Plus, the gaming experience will be quite smooth. You will have the most amazing in-depth adaption. Additionally, you will have the fastest power consumption, and it will ensure you provide the fastest gaming experience on the PC.

Benefits Of Free Fire For PC Download

No doubt, you will have the most pro experience after downloading Free Fire Download on your PC. For instance, you will not be limited to a small screen. Also, you will get better control of your character and aiming with the mouse.

Best of all, there won’t be any tension of the battery life and disturbing calls when you play it on the computer. This game will provide you with preset keymapping, and you just have to get control over your playing skills. Also, you have to be the best shooter to survive in this game.

And that’s not all, you will have the best multi-instance manager, and you will have an option to make more than one account on the game. Your gaming time will be pleasing on the PC, and it will provide the most enjoyable process. You will enjoy gaming with this game on the PC because of the large screen and much clear graphics.

Garena Free Fire PC System Requirements?

There are some requirements for this game to be downloaded on the computer. For instance, you will need the following specs on your PC.

  • OS: Window 7,8,10, 64bit
  • CPU: Core i3 2.4GHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • HDD: 4GB
  • Intel Core i5 Processor or Latest
  • The Graphics Card of Intel Iris Pro 5200 or Similar
  • The Minimum RAM required for this game is 2 GB, and your computer should have 4GB storage.
  • You should have the latest computer version of your PC, Mac, and Os devices.

Best Tips to Win In The Free Fire for PC

Keep In Mind That The Map Will Not Have The Same Size Once The Players Die In The Game.

You have to keep in mind that the map will shrink when there are fewer players left in the Free Fire Download for PC Game. You will not have any trouble finding the players in the end. Also, you can kill the players easily when the map starts shrinking.

Likewise, you have to stay more aware of the opponent teams because they will be attacking quickly. You have to take care of the other teammates as well. The attacks will be easier and quicker at the last phase of the game. So the game will be harder once it is going towards an end.

Take Advantage Of The Environment

It will be the best way to win when you know how to take advantage of the environment. You will be able to boost up the game by finding the tight spot.

For instance, you can go on the site on the industry, open field, or any beach. In the environment, you will be taking advantage of the objects, and you can find a ladder to spot the other teams before they spot you out. You will have an alternative way of spotting the enemies with the ladder.

Choose A Good Vehicle

There will be a lot of vehicles leftover in the Free Fire Download PC Game. You should land in an area that has a lot of buildings, and you will surely find vehicles over there. Choose a vehicle that can take all your teammates to the other spot easily. Mostly, you will find a jeep on the road size, and it will let you shoot the enemies on the way easily.

You can also enjoy the game while riding the jeep, and it will let you go away from the enemies easily. Therefore, if you are stuck with the opponents, then you have to use a vehicle to outrun easily.

Get Variety Of Other Weapons

Choose as many weapons as you can. The weapons will help you to beat the other players easily. You should choose one primary weapon and the other ones, including the sniper for the secondary weapon. Moreover, you will have the best way to pick the weapons while placing the attachments as well.


Below are some questions that many gamers ask before downloading it to their pc. Let’s have a guise at them!

Is The Free Fire Game Available To Download In Pc For Free?

This Free Fire Download for PC game is created for android devices. However, now there are some alternative ways to install it on the PC. You will have the characters and game theme similar to the other shooting games, including PUBG. Plus, it has a vast fan following.

How Much Space Does The Free Fire Game Take?

This game will take 1.1 GB of space, at least if you are downloading on an android device. Your device should have 2 GB space of RAM.

Who Is The Creator Of the Free Fire Game?

The create of the game is Forest Li. This game came out in 2017, and there are around 80 million active users playing the game every day.

Is Free Fire One Of The Most Played Shooting Game?

Yes, this game is on the list of most played shooting games. You will find the game similar to the battle royale games. However, this game is best for 18 plus users, and it will be providing quite realistic feels. Also, it is having quite good graphics and sound.

How To Play Free Fire Game Online?

You can play the game online easily, and it is not necessary to download it. You need an unwavering internet connection for playing it online.

How Can I Have Diamonds In The Free Fire Game?

You will have the diamonds as the in-game currency, and there are several purposes of the game too. There will be a vast assortment of in-game items, and the diamonds are not free. However, you can get the free features in the free fire game if you use the APK version. Other than that, you have to purchase the diamonds with money.

What Is The Most Active Player Of Free Fire?

The RAISTAR is one of the fastest players among all other characters of this game.

How To Modify The Name In Free Fire Game?

You can open the game by clicking on the profile. There will be a banner on the left corner of your screen. Now open up your profile to change the name. The profile will show an option to rename your character. Also, you will have the picture of your character below. In fact, the dialogue box will appear on the screen, and you can easily create a new name from here.

How Can I Download Free Fire Game On The Computer Without Emulator?

You can download the game on the computer without an emulator easily. Plus, there won’t be any provision if you are using our link. On the other side, this game is available for android devices to be installed without an emulator only.

Which Are The Most Superior Emulators To Download The Android Games In Computer?

We told above that the Bluestacks is the most downloaded and used emulator for downloading android games. Besides, there are some other emulators that you can try from the following list to install the game on PC for free:

  • Prime OS
  • LD player
  • Andy
  • Memu

How Can I Install Free Fire On MAC Device?

Yes, you will be installing the game in a similar way as we told you above for downloading it in windows. Plus, you will have Bluestacks as the best emulator to download the game on the MAC device. Other than that, you can install the game loop emulator to install the android games in your system.

Is Free Fire Available On Playstore And App Store?

Yes, you will find the game on the app and play store. However, this is an android game, so you cannot directly download it on your iOS device. Therefore, try the method that we have told you above in detail. Moreover, you will find the best alternative source to download the game without using the emulator.

The Final Verdict

You know much about Free Fire Download for PC, the ultimate survival, and the shooting game. You will have 10 minutes of game playing time. Plus, it comes with the 10 minutes remote island time where you have to fight with other 50 players. All the players will be seeking survival in this game. Best of all, it has a player-free game that will start with landing by a parachute.

Thanks for visiting here. Happy Gaming!